Shamanism, New Age to Jesus Testimony


Hello everybody! I thought it was about time that I shared my new age to Jesus testimony with you.

Basically, I was into shamanism, reiki, crystal healing, psychics mediums, channelling, Hinduism, Buddhism, chakra balancing, power of now, the law of attraction, tarot cards, plant medicine ceremonies. You name it. I was into it.

I even trained to be a shamanic practitioner, so it was my life for about 20 years. It was my way of coping with the world. It made total sense to me. It was a really lovely way of looking at the world, and it made sense of everything.

I believed in reincarnation. I thought that there wasn’t really any good or bad in the world because we were all just learning and that we would all ascend to ultimate consciousness and become enlightened eventually, and all roads led to that path.

I made some beautiful friends in the new age as well. People who believe this kind of stuff really want to help people. They believe they’re working for the light.

I believed I was working for the light, and I really thought that all these practices were good and off the light.

It’s also quite seductive because when you believe that you’re learning the secret occult knowledge that the average joe on the street doesn’t know. It’s quite seductive thinking that you’ve got all this special knowledge.

So In order to explain to you how I got saved, how Jesus Christ pulled me out of the new age, and how I learned that He was the truth, the way, and the light, I need to first explain to you what the shamanic journey is.

So it’s using a percussive instrument such as a drum or a rattle. You use the rhythm of that instrument to send yourself into an altered state of consciousness.

The idea is that you meet your so-called spirit guide or your spirit animal. This benevolent being will take you into the spirit world and give you advice, guidance or some sort of healing.

Now when you’re on a journey, it’s like you go into a conscious dream, and you can see or sense things and even though it’s dream-like, it’s not a dream. You’re conscious, and it’s also very real. So are the consequences of engaging with spirits in that realm.

So after about 20 years of being in the new age, and I’d say about 10 years almost of being into shamanism.

In November 2018, I was doing a shamanic journey and unexpectedly my spirit guide told me out of the blue you’re going to get seriously ill and that I needed to trust the process.

I was disturbed by this, but I thought, oh well, if I’m meant to get seriously ill, then I need to grow spiritually from this experience. I need to trust the universe.

So nothing happened for ages, and I forgot all about it. Then in September 2019, I woke up one day. I was lying in bed, and the whole room was violently spinning.

I had to hold onto the walls to walk anywhere. I felt nauseous, I had migraines, I had tinnitus, I couldn’t function, and I was absolutely floored.

So I had chronic debilitating fatigue, which meant I couldn’t even have a shower some days. I was that tired.

So it lasted months and months with no sign of improvement. My brain scan was delayed so I thought okay here is this illness that was promised by my spirit guide.

I was in serious danger of losing my job, my income, my house, and my independence. I thought I’d have to give everything up and move back in with my parents. I was completely broken on every level.

Now I was trying all my shamanic techniques or my spiritual techniques, chakra balancing, reiki healing, shamanic journeys, reading the power of now, trying to stay in the moment, trying to surrender to the universe and this and the other.

Nothing was working and I was getting more and more depressed and more and more desperate. Then about three months into this ordeal, I picked up a Bible that somebody had given me about a year before.

I had zero interest in it but I didn’t have the hope to throw it away. So anyway, I felt this inexplicable urge to pick it up. So picked it up. I tried to read it and I just couldn’t get on with it. I thought it was really boring and also because I had a migraine, tinnitus and visual disturbances.

I couldn’t read very well anyway. So I put the Bible down and then forgot all about it and then the next day it happened again.

So I thought this is really weird. I had this sort of kindled curiosity about the Bible and Jesus. All of a sudden I thought where is this coming from?

I decided to go into YouTube instead and I knew that Doreen Virtue had given her life to Christ in 2017. Now for those of you who don’t know, Doreen Virtue was huge in the new age. She was the angel card lady. She did workshops on how to talk to your angels and so on. She was hugely successful. Number one hay house author in America, traveled the world and earned a lot of money.

Now she left all that behind, denounced it all and gave her life to Christ in 2017. So I watched that video and because I was off work, because I was ill, I had all the time in the world to watch back to back new age to Jesus testimonies.

I spent about i’d say three weeks solidly day and night watching these videos from all these people who were in the new age. Who were into shamanism, reiki, crystals, medium psychics, and all that. They were all saying that these spirit guides are not really spirit guides, they’re actually demons and that Jesus was the only way.

I was thinking that can’t be true. I remember when I was talking to the guy who gave me the Bible the year before he’d said to me that the Dalai Lama was going to hell and I was like, don’t be so ridiculous! He’s the most peaceful lovely man on the planet. You can’t tell me he’s going to hell. I just thought it was
absolutely ridiculous.

I thought that Christianity was narrow-minded and bigoted and all that. Anyway, so I was watching all these
videos and after about three weeks of watching them solidly and seeing the evidence of all these people
who were into exactly the same thing that I was into and they all said the same thing that no it’s actually not the light. It’s the darkness and you don’t know you’re being deceived.

So after about three weeks of this, I thought oh maybe there’s something in this. I started to feel really disturbed and really confused because my whole identity, all my friendships and all my
spiritual practices were based on all this kind of stuff. Of course, I didn’t want to let all that go and also I didn’t want to be confronted with the fact that it might be darkness because it felt so light.

I mean, some of the experiences I had were so beautiful in the new age that they made me weep for more than an hour, like wailing with the beauty of it all. So I thought, how can that be wrong? How can that be dark but in the Bible it says let me just try and find the Biblical reference okay so it’s 2
corinthians 11
verses 14 to 15 it says and no wonder
for even
satan disguises himself as an angel of
so it is no surprise if his servants
also disguise themselves as servants of
righteousness anyway
so after about three weeks i thought
okay there’s only one way to find out
the truth here i’m going to do a
shamanic journey
and ask the spirits so that was my
way of always getting guidance in the
so i began a journey and i asked my
spirit guide
um whether it believed that jesus was
god who came down in the flesh
uh died to save sinners rose again on
the third day and is now seated at the
right hand of the father
and whether it confessed that jesus was
his savior and the reason i asked it
that was because in the bible it says to
test the spirits
and all these ex-new agers were saying
you need to test the spirits and ask the
spirits whether
they confess that jesus is lord um
that jesus is their savior anyway so
this spirit guide shook its head and
no and i just got this sinking feeling
in the pit of my stomach
and i said show me who you really are
and no word of a lie this spirit guide
that had been my spirit guide for
so many years that i was turned to for
guidance and who i thought loved me
turned into a black demon and walked
and all the other spirits in the forest
in my shamanic journey all started
laughing at me and mocking at me
so you can imagine how i felt like 20
years of spiritual practice
and belief and relationships with
so-called spirit guides
came to a crushing just heap of rubble
in the space of about five minutes my
entire world view my identity
all came crashing down and i realized
that these spirits are not of the light
they are demons and demons is real
and i’m in no doubt whatsoever that my
spiritual practices
caused my illness in the first place
so you know my spirit guide warned me
beforehand that i was gonna get ill
so at this point i didn’t actually give
my life to god i was just really
really shocked and overwhelmed um
so the people on these youtube videos
also warned about occult objects in the
house they said that
having things like shamanic rattles or
drums or crystals that you use for
healing all that kind of stuff
gives demons legal rights to come into
your life and into your house and that
you need to get rid of them all
um now i had a lot of stuff accumulated
over 20 years so
that night i prayed to god in
desperation because i was so confused i
god i am so confused right now
i need you to show me the truth i need
you to show me
whether what i’m doing is wrong and i
just need you i need you to show me who
you really
are what’s the truth so i went to sleep
that night
and i had the most vivid dream
and i won’t go into all the details of
the dream but it was all very symbolic
and it involved dead bodies
which represented the objects in my
um coming alive
after i’d called the father the father
um cctv everywhere in the dream
representing that god sees everything
it was very very deep and detailed and i
don’t have time in this video to go into
the dream but basically i woke up from
this dream
very convicted that i needed to get rid
of all these objects these
these dead bodies um that actually
me being dead in my sin and once in the
dream once i’d called the father the
dead body resurrected
um so it was also very symbolic of
christianity and
coming alive in christ so
and the next night i had a vision
of the lord jesus christ and his face
with the crown of thorns on top of his
head with blood pouring down
just flashed up flashed like that
just for a split second really close
into my vision
and it woke me up and i was like you
know when you wake up and you’re like
it’s like that and i knew i just knew
it wasn’t a dream it was really it was a
vision i’d been given the truth by the
lord jesus christ
and so i got rid of all my occult
um about six bin bags worth of stuff
chucked it all out the house um
then i still hadn’t actually
sort of repented by this stage but then
i started going to a church
and i could barely go like i went to the
nearest physical church luckily there
was one about
like a two minute walk away from my
house so i went sat down couldn’t even
stand up to singer him i was so
fatigued and ill at this stage anyway a
lovely lady
took me under her wing and she basically
led me to christ
she um helped me to repent of my sins
to admit that i was a sinner to admit
that what i’d been doing was
wrong and to admit that jesus christ was
my savior that he died for my sins on
the cross
he atoned for all my sins on the cross
and then
i accepted him as my lord and savior and
got saved
now after that
immediately after i did that
i came under demonic attack and people
are really naive in the world generally
and even people
who are into spiritual stuff they’re so
naive about the spirit world
the spirit world is real there is a
heaven there is a hell
there are angels and there are demons so
i had um
i had demons walking about my house at
nighttime when i was in bed i could hear
them walking around
on my landing they would throw objects
around in my bathroom in the middle of
the night
i had doors opening and closing
um lights turning on and off um
i had there was a fire right behind my
i had a very near miss in a car crash
all within the space of a week
and i had sleep paralysis where i’d wake
up couldn’t move couldn’t breathe
there’d be a demon on top of me the only
thing that would get rid of the demon
was calling out to jesus and apparently
this is a very common occurrence with
ex-new agers
who through their practices have invited
dark spirits into their
lives unknowingly um when they turn to
jesus obviously the demons aren’t happy
about it because they want to drag
everyone into hell with them and deceive
so they attack anyway
just constantly calling out to jesus
being in the word
uh playing scriptures at night time
eventually all that stopped
occasionally i still do get attacks but
really really minimal now and it’s only
i sin if i open the door to sin uh for
example by being overindulgent with wine
or too much
food because gluttony is a thing for me
i noticed that if i do that then i tend
to have bad dreams and i know it’s the
but if i walk very cleanly with god
then it’s absolutely fine
sorry i just need to look at my notes
oh yeah um
so after i got saved my health gradually
started to improve and now i’m working
back full time
um i still have a little bit of fatigue
still get headaches and stuff but
generally speaking i’m absolutely fine
can work can do everything that i need
to do and god has done a healing work in
so for anyone who might be watching this
who’s still in the new age please
believe me when i say
you really are being deceived
test the spirits by asking them to
confess that jesus is their lord
and savior and watch what happens now
they can be very sneaky and they can
pretend to be
a different jesus the ascended master
jesus or the yogi jesus
the real jesus is the biblical jesus
jesus christ of
nazareth who not only taught us about
love and forgiveness
but als also told us that he’s coming
back one day
to judge us and he’s coming back in
and power so please don’t believe this
fluffy new age jesus who doesn’t really
the real jesus asks us to repent of our
sins and to obey him
as well as love one another and forgive
one another
um anybody
who does not repent of their sins which
means turning away from their sins
trying to live according to god’s will
anybody who doesn’t repent of their sins
and who does not accept jesus christ of
the bible
as their lord and savior is going to
jesus said i am the way the truth and
the life
the only way to the father is through me
buddha didn’t die on the cross for you
muhammad didn’t die on the cross for you
the universe didn’t die on the cross for
you only jesus christ
died on the cross took the wrath of the
as an atonement for our sins to enable
us to be reconciled to god
uh please just spend some time thinking
about this and researching this
because your eternal destiny depends on
thanks be to almighty god for saving my
soul and thank you for listening
and i would just encourage you if you
can just get a bible online they’re free
the new living translation is a really
easy translation
the esv is another good one a new king
james version
starting the gospel of john and just
read through to revelation
and that’s the easiest way to start
reading the bible
there’s a great website called
and there’s another one called
really great websites just to get you
started because i’m sure you’ve got
loads of questions
but the main thing is pray to god
you know if you’re sitting here thinking
i’m really not sure about all this
pray to god and say god
i want to know you i want to know the
and he will show you god bless you bye


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